Deskjet Google Cloud Print Setup

Google Cloud Print is a way for users to connect printers to the Internet and print from any device from anywhere in the world. You can print from a device without demanding to install any printer drivers on the system. This can save a huge amount of time and energy.

Google Cloud Print Driver.

You can install this on any Windows computer and it will allow you to select Google Cloud Printer when printing from any Windows application. In addition to Print Driver, they also released Google Cloud Print Service. The Print Service is more prepared towards businesses.

Print from your computer or mobile device Using Google Cloud Print

1. Sign in to your Google account from the Chrome browser.

2. Go to Print Jobs.

3. Select the file from your computer.

4. Select the document and click Open.

5. Select your printer and click Print.

Print an email or web page from your computer, or laptop

1. Sign in to your Google account from the Chrome browser.

2. Open the page you want to print.

3. In the Chrome menu icon, select Print from the drop-down.

4. Click the Change button In the Print window under Destination.

5. Select your printer in the Select a destination window.

6. Change any print settings in the Print window before Printing.

After installing the Cloud Print app in your mobile, you can print documents, email, images, or web pages.