Deskjet – Printer Setup For Mac

  • There isn’t any marked difference in the printer setup architecture between the Mac and the Windows operating system with just a small variance where a Mac driver may be required to complete the HP Deskjet setup.
  • Other than that you just have to install the driver and establish connectivity. You can also choose to use the HP Easy start for easy guidance on driver installation.
  • We would recommend you to read the installation guide to follow the instructions provided for the first time. Newer versions of the Mac OS X not only detect the printer but also install the driver automatically for you.
  • Alternatively, for any drivers that are not installed automatically, the software installation will do the needful and may even allow you to take advantages of additional features available on the printer.
  • We have all the latest, compatible printer drivers for HP Deskjet Printers available on our website. Just click the aforesaid link to access them.