If there is negligence of the terms and conditions, it will lead to the end of account or contract. Our services are usable to customers who pay for charges of subscription. They can use this service through phone, or email.The customer will have to look up to the modifications for ratification or adaptation to the technical needs of connecting the networks and devices. Our company is immune for the incidental damages.

Individual Information

We will ask you data to identify you or allows us to contact you. At the time of enrollment, the user is obliged to give contact data such as First and Last name, Email address, Personal identifier, Postal location, etc. We will use your contact points of interest to contact you with respect to the administrations you have asked.

Payment Information

If any user visits on our and does registration with us to use our service, we do not ask to provide their credit card details openly on the phone calls. This type of confidential data is entered by the user himself and 123hpdeskjet.net may take the assistance of the third party to validate and deal with credit cards details only for billing purposes. We might use the payment information for sharing with the third party to check and deal with credit card details only for billing usage. We might use the payment information for sharing with the third party only in special cases to complete the necessary payment procedure. The information related to debit and credit cards are processed over highly secured servers and are not used by the 123hpdeskjet.net without seeking the approval from the users.

Printer System Information

We might also ask for data recognized with your printer. This may include: information about the date of purchase of your printer, printer type, distinctive proof number of your printer, model and make of your printer or any printer equipment, software or hardware joined to it, condition of the printer, framework and registry information about programming installation and equipment, and interrupt following documents. This data is obliged to give personalized specialized support to you and to help us upgrade our support tools.

Cancellation and Termination

If the customer revokes service before the end of month paid, it will head to the service cancellation. For the account cancellation, the appeal will be taken to the account service manager and the user will receive an affirmation for this. We reserve the right to deny the services that occur from unauthorized entry.